Server Start Guide

Welcome to the SoFurry Minecraft server start guide! Here you will learn the basics of what you can do on the server, how to get rank promotions, what commands you can run, what they do, and much more helpful information to make your minecraft experience the best it can be. If you have any further questions after reading through this page, please feel free to reach out to any member of staff online.

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Server Rules

Before reading further, or playing on our server, you acknowledge that you have read the rules in-game, or here. By not doing so, you are not excempt from any mute, ban, or other repercussions of your actions on our server. Our server is a family-friendly server, however some crude comments, sayings, or words may show up in chat. Keep this in mind before deciding to play on our server.

The following are rules all players must follow on our server:

  1. You have the right to an environment free of harassment and abuse of ANY kind. If you feel threatened by anyone at any time, please contact any staff member- we are here to help.
  2. You are not to cause grief in any way. Grief in our terms is anything that causes destruction, aggravation, or interference in anything a player or server is doing, which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Lag machines
    • Redstone clocks with no shutoff
    • Explosion damage to a player's belongings
    • Stealing from other players
    • Raiding another player's belongings
    • Anything that disrupts the operation of the server
  3. Do not beg others for items, including the server moderators, administrators, other players, or anyone you know to have the items you want. If you ask once and the answer is no, please respect that decision. If you beg for items, you will be temporarily muted.
  4. No spamming the chat with messages, advertising for other servers, or complaining about the rules this server has in place.
  5. You are not to exploit any glitches of the game that will give you access to staff commands like flying, free money, wall scaling, etc. You are also prohibited from using a hacked client or using outside mods that interfere with the performance of this server. Exploitation of this manner is an instant and permanent ban from our server.
  6. You are prohibited from using any texture packs that will allow XRay techniques to be used.
  7. Do not question the words of a staff member. If you feel their ruling to be unfair or unjust, please take a screenshot and notify Buddy#0523 on discord.
  8. There are to be NO vulgar or suggestive art pieces or builds on the server. If they are found, they will be removed and you will be tempbanned. Repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban from our server. These include things such as:
    • Genetalia of any kind
    • Swatstikas
    • Gang symbols
    • Signs containing racial slurs
    • Etc
  9. No using unfair mods. You are not permitted to use mods that give you an unfair advantage over another player. Mods that enhance client performance, modify HUD display, enhance graphics, and toggle brightness are allowed. Minimaps are also fine so long as they do not display additional information like entities, players, and cave systems. Treat other types of mods as if they are not allowed, and if you are not sure if a mod is allowed, please ask any staff member.
  10. Keep nicknames appropriate. Make sure your nickname is reasonable length. Only use colors in your nickname, no formatting symbols, ASCII characters, or the color black. These are not allowed because they make nicknames difficult to read, and hard to use with certain commands. Do not use nicknames to impersonate other players or staff.
  11. Obey town rules. Player-owned towns may have their own set of rules and guidelines. This is fine so long as they do not supercede global rules.

You can contact Buddy at any time on Discord if you feel that you have been wrongly banned, muted, or otherwise.

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Getting Started

As soon as you log onto our server for the firs time, you will notice you have a few books in your inventory. These are to help you in-game by keeping a reference with you at all times. Please, make sure you read these, as they contain some vital information. The information in those books will also be kept here. The rank that you start on in our server is the New rank, and as such you will have access to the following commands:

/co i This command allows you to toggle the CoreProtect inspection wand. If you right or left click on blocks, it will tell you who has used, placed, broke, or accessed a block. Left click allows you to see who placed the block you clicked. Right click allows you to see what adjaced block was removed, or who last used a button/door/lever/chest/etc.

/realname %nickname% This will give you the real name of the user with the nickname you specified. Useful for a lot of other commands that require real names.

/tpa %player% and /tpahere %player% These commands will send a teleport request to the player that you specify. Note that this only works with their real name, not a nick name they may be using on the server. Tpa will request you to teleport to their location, tpahere will request that they teleport to your location.

/tpaccept and /tpdeny These commands will either accept or deny a teleport request.

/warps and /warp %warp% Using the /warps command will list all the warps present on our server, and /warp %warp% will teleport you to the warp you chose.

/position This command will give you your current position. This includes x, y, z, yaw, pitch, and world.

/msg %player% %message% This will send a private message to another player of your choice. This command also only works on real names.

/sethome This command will set your home at the position you are currently standing/looking. You only get one of these as a new member.

/delhome This will delete your home.

/home home This command will teleport you to your home location.

/balance or /bal This will display your total balance on the game at the current time.

/baltop %page% This will display all of the server's balances in order from highest to lowest, 8 per page.

/mail %send/read/clear% These commands will allow you to send mail to a player (using /mail send %player% %message%), read your mail, or clear all your mail.

/afk Running this command will set you as afk. You will be kicked from the server if you are afk for longer than 15 minutes.

/ignore %player% This will allow you to ignore the player of your choice. You will no longer see their messages in chat, personal messages, or mail.

/compass This will display the direction you are currently looking in.

/seen %player% This will display how long it has been since the player of your choice has logged on last.

/list This will list all of the players currently logged in, organized by server rank.

/rtp Using this command will randomly teleport you somewhere in the world.

/lock %line% %player% This will add the player of your choice to the lockette sign you have right-clicked, allowing them access.

/shop This will open the in-game GUIshop, allowing you to purchase items in-game.

/spawn This command will take you to the spawn of the world.

/hub This command will take you to the hub of the server.

/donate This command opens up the donation GUI to the player.

Along with all the above commands, New players can do the following (see Other Help for more information):

  • Create elevators
  • Create a Shop in the player shop area, or around the world
  • Alter flags of regions they are a member of
  • Create, use, and destroy [Disposal] signs, which act as a trashcan
  • Use the [Repair] signs in /spawn

To upgrade your rank to Regular you must build a house of the following requirements:

  1. Must be 5x5x5 in size
  2. Must be constructed of at least 4 different building materials
  3. Must have a door, ceiling, floor, and walls
  4. If you wish to have a village or other naturally generated structure regioned, you must first have built inside it, and altered the building(s) you wish regioned
  5. The exception to this rule is if you have a very large or substantial build that we can tell you have already put forth a lot of effort into building. This we will region for you regardless of completion level, so that your build is safe.

Once you get the Regular rank, you then have access to 3 home sets, 2 jobs, the ability to rent a shop at the player shops, and the following commands:

/nick %nickname% This command will change your name in the chat to the nickname of your choice. This nickname can use colors and spaces.

/sethome %name% As Regular, you have a limit of 3 homes, and you need to set a name for each home you set.

/home %name% Similar to how you had to enter "home" as New rank, you have to enter the name of the home you wish to teleport to.

/jobs browse This will bring up the selection menu for jobs, which will be explained in more detail in the Jobs Help section.

/sfregister This will start the process of linking your account to your minecraft username.

To upgrade your rank to SFMember, you must link your account to your minecraft username on the server. To do this, you need to first create a account, and then run the /sfregister command in the game. Once it displays a link, simply click, log into your account, and the plugin will handle the rest! Once you obtain SFMember rank, you will have access to 3 jobs and the following commands:

/engrave %name% This command will name the item you are holding the name of your choice. You can also use colors, formatting codes, and ASCII characters.

/engrave lore %lore% This command will give the item you are holding lore of your choice. You can also use colors, formatting codes, and ASCII characters.

SFMember is the highest rank you can achieve without donating to the server and its parent site. Depending on the package(s) you choose, they determine which commands and perks you can obtain.

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Shops Help

Shop Rules:

  1. No active beacons or redstone circuits
  2. Limit use of item frames and animated blocks

To set up a shop in our player shop area, you need to first be a Regular ranked member. This ensures that you aren't going to leave and never come back, leaving your shop behind and taking up room others could be using for their shops. Shops cost $1000 per week to rent, and you can rent up to 4 months at a time. The shops will warn you when they are about to expire, every time you log in within 2 days of expiration. If you fail to pay your rent for your shop, another player can rent the shop and take all of the belongings on the inside. To set up a shop, all you have to do is build your shop in the 15x15x31 shop plot, using any items that aren't barred from use in the shops. Then to sell an item, place a chest with the item you wish to sell inside. Shift-click the chest with a sign, and fill it out like below:

Leaving the top blank, the second line is the quantity you wish to sell per transaction, B 10 is the buy price per quantity, 5 S is the sell price per transaction, and put a question mark in the bottom line. This will then auto-complete with your username, and the item inside the chest like below:

In this example, a user can left click the sign to sell you 64 diamonds for $5, or right click the sign to buy 64 diamonds from you for $10. You can set up a shop to be buy-only or sell-only as well, just include which price and the capital letter denoting which it is. For a buy-only shop, you would just put B 10, and for a sell-only shop you can use S 5. If you are online while a sale is made, you will be notified that a player has sold/purchased %amount% of %item% for %cost%. If you are offline, the money will just be added to or removed from your balance.

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Jobs Help

On our server we also have jobs to help our players make money outside of the shops. This way, you can work one or more jobs that you tend to do a majority of, and make money for doing so. Each job has its own advantages and drawbacks, with various different amounts of base income received from different amounts of items mined/dug/farmed/bred/etc. To look at all the various jobs, how much they pay for each action, and to join them, you can use /jobs browse. This will open a GUI to you, showing you all the different jobs. You can also left-click on a job to view how much pay per action you get, by hovering over each of the items in the GUI. To join a job, you can either use the command /jobs join %job% or you can right-click the job in the main GUI menu. New members cannot have any jobs, Regular can have 2, SF can have 3, and Donor can have 4 total jobs. The other commands you can use are as follows:

  • /jobs clearownership This command will clear ownership of all furnaces/brewing stands you have registered to you.
  • /jobs leave %jobs% This command will remove you from the chosen job.
  • /jobs leavall This command will remove you from all jobs you currently are employed in.
  • /jobs shop This will open a GUI with items you can purchase with job points. You get job points as you work your jobs.
  • /jobs stats This will display your current level progress in the jobs you are a part of.

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McMMO Help

McMMO is a plugin that allows our players to have a more MMO feel to their minecraft experience, introducing many new aspects to the game. Of them, the most notable is the skill levelling and reward system. As a player levels up their skills, such as woodcutting, excavation, or mining, they gain perks such as double drops, treasures from dirt, and tree feller. There are both active skills (requiring you to ready your tool or weapon), and passive skills (that are always in effect for the player), and both of which have their own unique set of benefits for the players. To get a more detailed list of what you can do with skills, how to leve, and how much exp you need to do so, please visit This Wiki. This site will also give helpful tips, tricks, and methods of levelling your skills more quickly. The commands for mcmmo you have on this server are as follows:

  • /mcstats This command displays all of your skill levels on a scoreboard.
  • /mcs %keep/clear% This command will either keep the current scoreboard displayed, or dismiss the scoreboard.
  • /mcrank This command shows your skills' ranks in comparison to other players.
  • /mcability This command toggles the ability to ready your abilities. This is more for builders so they dont accidently tree feller their house.
  • /inspect %player% This will display the level of all of the selected player's skills.
  • /%skillname% This command displays the detailed information on the selected skill.

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Other Help

WorldGuard Help

WorldGuard is the plugin we use to protect our players' builds from potential danger from other players, explosions, etc. Once you get your first region, or are a member of another person's region, you are able to change some things about it. If you are a region's owner, you are able to add or remove an owner from the region, add or remove a member from the region, teleport to the region you own, and change flags for your region. If you are a member of a region, you can still teleport to the region, and access the items/blocks/etc inside. Region flags are a way for region owners to customize their regions. On our server, players have access to the following flags:

  • Mob-spawning This flag allows or prevents the spawning of mobs or animals in your region. Defaults to allow.
  • Tnt This flag allows or prevents the use of tnt in your region. Defaults to deny.
  • Ice-form This flag allows or prevents the forming of ice in your region. Defaults to allow.
  • Greeting This flag sets a greeting message for when people enter your region. No default.
  • Farewell This flag sets a farewell message for when people exit your region. No default.
  • Snow-melt This flag allows or prevents the melting of snow in your region. Defaults to allow.
  • Snow-fall This flag allows or prevents snow to accumulate on the ground in your region. Defaults to allow.
  • Ice-melt This flag allows or prevents the melting of snow in your region. Defaults to allow.
  • Chest-access This flag allows or prevents others from accessing your chests without being a member. Defaults to deny.
  • Mycelium-spread This flag allows or prevents the natural spread of mycelium in your region. Defaults to allow.
  • Mushroom-growth This flag allows or prevents the growing of mushrooms into large mushrooms in your region. Defaults to allow.
  • Use This flag allows or prevents other players using your buttons, etc while not being a member of youre region. Defaults to deny.
  • Interact This flag allows or prevents other players using your doors, while not being a member of your region. Defaults to deny.
  • Pvp This flag allows or prevents PvP in your region. Defaults to deny.

To use these commands, you need to know the syntax, as follows:

  • /rg am %region% %player% This will add the player of your choice as a member of the region you choose.
  • /rg rm %region% %player% This will remove the player of your choice from being a member of the region of your choice.
  • /rg ao %region% %player% This will add the player of your choice as an owner of the region you choose.
  • /rg ro %region% %player% This will remove the player of your choice from being an owner of the region of your choice.
  • /rg flag %region% %flag% %allow/deny% This will allow you to set the desired flag in the desired region to allow or deny. Run the command with neither allow or deny, and it will clear the flag, setting the value back to default.

Lift Help

We use a plugin called Lift to allow our playes to construct and use elevators in minecraft. Making a lift is very simple: all you have to do is place an iron, gold, or emerald block where you want the bottom floor of your elevator to be, place an OAK button (it has to be oak only) 2 blocks up on the wall, and a blank sign above that. Then you have to place a piece of glass on the next floor, with the same button and sign configuration as you had on the first floor. Then, just right click the sign on your first floor, and hit the button, then right click the sign on the second floor. An example of the before and after is below:

Elevators 1 Elevators 2

Be aware that if you accidently hit the button with another player inside the elevator, they will be stuck in the elevator until you reach your destination. If you have more than 2 floors, you can change the destination floor by right clicking the sign until Dest:# is that the floor you wish to go to.

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